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SADPA 2015 Rulebook



SADPA – South African Defensive Pistol Association is a relatively new shooting sport in South Africa and functions under the auspice of IDPA.

The sport started within South Africa in May 2001 and has grown to over 1000 active shooters in 26 active clubs shooting over 300 matches a year. It is geared for easy entry to a novice shooter with NSO (New Shooter Orientations) provided to facilitate easy and safe participation for all levels of shooters.
We cater for Multi-Gun shoots (Handgun / Shotgun / Sem-Auto Rifles) and are an officially SAPS / CFR recognized dedicated sport shooting body.

The International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) is the governing body of a shooting sport that simulates self-defense scenarios and real life encounters. It was founded in 1996 as a response to the desires of shooters worldwide. The organization now boasts membership of more than 17,000, including members in 50 foreign countries.
One of the unique facets of this sport is that it is geared toward the new or average shooter, yet is fun, challenging and rewarding for the experienced shooter. The founders developed the sport so that practical gear and practical guns may be used competitively.
An interested person can spend a minimal amount on equipment and still be competitive.
The main goal is to test the skill and ability of the individual, not equipment or gamesmanship. “Competition only” equipment is not permitted in this sport


Firearms and Divisions in IDPA

Firearms used in IDPA are grouped into five primary divisions and two Additional divisions :

PRIMARY Divisions


Shooters compete against and with similar skilled competitors
Shooters are then classed by like-skill levels with progression from:
1. Novice (NV);
2. Marksman (MM);
3. Sharpshooter (SS);
4. Expert (EX);
5. Master (MA).