Existing and New members

Existing members need to fill in the CDPC Renewal form or CDPC Application form, as well as the SADPA Indemnity form. (see documents to the right)

E-mail your completed documents and proof of payment to CDPC Admin.

Annual fees for existing members are R350 for CDPC Membership, New members will also be required to pay a once-off administration fee of R150 to CDPC (total R500).

Register with IDPA : Fee is $40 (to be paid direct to IDPA with credit card).

Go to IDPA Website , click on BECOME A MEMBER, complete the form and make payment of $40.

Send the 2 page receipt to Marge at with ZA membership number issued by IDPAand complete the SADPA membership forms and pay R265 directly to SADPA.

New Shooters Orientation

All new members who join SADPA have to undergo the New Shooters Orientation before they will be allowed to participate in club shoots and matches.

This is a 4-6hour information session that the Safety Officers (SO's) from your club hosts to inform the new member of the basic safety rules and explain the rules of SADPA in depth. The NSO is not considered complete untill the Classifier has also been shot.

You will find a guide to the classifier times for each division here. Fill in your string times to get an idea of where you did well, and which areas still need work.

It is recommended for all new shooters to read through the SADPA Rules before attending the NSO.


New Shooters Checklist

New shooters will benefit from making sure that they have the correct equipment needed to participate in any SADPA shoot. Your holster, mag pouches, concealment jacket, safety glasses and ear protection are some of the things that need to adhere to IDPA rules. The New Shooters Checklist, aids to help new members to remember all of the items that help to make the day as safe and enjoyable as possible. It is also recommended to pack your range bag the night before the shoot to have everything at hand to grab and go the next morning.


Requirements to Participate

The requirements to participate in any SADPA shoot, is the satisfactory completion of the New Shooters Orientation as well as shooting a Classifier. If you would like to participate in the Africa Championships, you need to make sure that you have shot 2 x SADPA Leagues and a Classifier for the division in which you intend to compete in, in the past 12 Months.

Brief Overview of Shooting IDPA


Useful tips for New Shooters

Should you receive your gun back from a gunshop or buy a new or secondhand gun first do a function check a week or two before you want to shoot a competition. Function check means that you go to the range with your firearm, rounds that you just reloaded and the mags that you will be using and shoot the damn thing to check if it works. If it doesn't you have a couple of days to sort things out.

This way you will not get a Did Not Finish (DNF) due to a gun that is constantly malfunctioning. It also saves the other shooters time and energy on the range. We have seen it happen so often in the last couple of months and we can really not understand how people can not clean the one thing that their lives depend on in today's day.