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For photos of some of our previous shoots, please click on the links below:

IDPA Clips and tips:

Down Zero
Panteo productions



The Classifier
Panteo Productions



IDPA 2011 World Championships
Panteo Productions



Bob Vogel

IDPA Safety Tips



Bob Vogel

Reload with retention



Bob Vogel

Unload and show clear



Defensive Shooting Tips from the Pro's:

Not specific to IDPA the sport, this content is relevant to defensive shooting and so should be studied by all who believe that chance favours the prepared mind.

Kyle Defoor’s Proformance Pro Tips!
Kyle Defoor, former head of Blackwater’s training program is an acknowledged expert on defensive shooting.




Choosing a Training Provider:



Everyday Carry Gear:



Up Close and Personal:



Grip and Hand Placement:




Strategic's knowledge transfer channel

Shooting drills:



Weaver vs. Isoceles:



Triggerstripe Drill Part 1:



Triggerstripe Drill Part 2:



Travis’s pro tips

Speed reload:



Power Stroke:



Life Safety:



Kelly McCann

Alley Attack:



Emotive Control:



Drawstroke Inside the crucible series:



Grip and Trigger Control:



Snap Shooting wit a Carbine:



Weak hand in a gunfight:



Four hand positions:



Improvised defensive Measures:



Shooters Submissions

Clips and vids from those who shoot at CDPC!
Sometimes serious sometimes fun these clips show the shooters enjoying their sport.

Bryan Mennie
CDPC Shotgun shoot:



IDPA Funnies:



Premier League Shoot 2013: